Monday, August 2, 2010

Not My Daughter Review #2

So my first thing is that why do these young girls think that raising a child is easy??...I mean i'n no mother my self but I know one thing it's alot of work. In the story one of the other girls thinks that having a baby isn't costly..well  she thinking wrong,,diapers, bottles, clothes,wipes,food, and other accessories they don't run cheap. Another thing that's upsetting is that the girls feel it's okay not for the baby's fathers to be in the child's life, or their opion about it doesn't matter, because it does matter! They should be just as much involved as you are,it's a team effort. don't be selfish about it, think about the future your child is gonna want to know who their father is...

On another note..I'm loving this story soo much, it just grabs the reader and gives you so much detail and describtions. I also feel sorry for the mothers in this book because, their daughters want to have kids and they want to grow up to fast!

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